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Would you love to have a LUXURY REAL LEATHER HANDBAG?

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Most people have a fairly good idea of what a luxury motor car is. The first thing that comes to mind is price - a luxury motor car is expensive. Second is that it is well crafted, and its fittings and fixtures are of the highest quality.

For example one would expect to see the upholstery in a luxury car made of genuine (real) leather, which looks first class, not for just a short time but for many years.

Similarly luxury designer real leather handbags have many of the same features of a luxury motor vehicle:

  • expensive - being made from the finest genuine (real) leather, such as 100% genuine Italian leather, means that the leather itself is relatively very costly to produce. The hardware is made of first class materials. The handbags are handmade by skilled crafts men and women to exacting standards.
  • designed not only look wonderful but to maintain its aura of beauty and charm over a very long period of time - years and years rather than just a few months.
  • overall a luxury designer handbag looks fantastic and exudes quality and class.

In summary a luxury Designer Handbag will:

  • most probably be made of 100% genuine Italian leather
  • the hardware will be made of the best materials
  • the design will impress with the quality of materials, its balance of line, shape and composition, and excellence of workmanship.

A handbag only achieves luxury design status if meets these criteria.

For a brand to reach the pinnacle of success, it must consistently maintain the high standards of excellence.

Bella Charis bc® real leather handbags meet these very high standards of design, materials, and workmanship.

Bella Charis quality handbags are made from 100% genuine Italian leather by our manufacturer to the same high class standards as they apply to the making of couture handbags for a range of their other internationally well known clients.

How would you describe a luxury designer handbag?

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