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The following steps can be taken to verify the authenticity of a real leather Bella Charis handbag.

Step 1 –  Metal logo

The bc logo is made in silver, gold, brass or gun colour to match the handbag hardware. The letters bc as shown on the logo overlap each other

Step 2 –  One swing tag

This tag has Bella Charis and 100% genuine Italian leather printed on a black background

Step 3 –  Another swing tag

This tag has an overlapping bc printed on a black background, and care tips are printed on the other side

Step 4 –  Dustbag

Stamped on the dust bag is the name Bella Charis bc

Step 5Tag inside the bag

This is an embossed leather tag stamped with ‘Bella Charis’

Step 6Leather Tag outside the bag

This is an embossed leather tag stamped with Bella Charis bc hanging outside the bag

Step 7 –  The bag is genuine leather

Apart from using the above steps to authenticate your Bella Charis handbag made from 100% genuine Italian leather, use the senses of looking, smelling and touching to verify that the bag is indeed real leather.

    • The leather looks impeccable and free of defects
    • The leather smells like real leather
    • The leather feels like real leather as you touch it, and move it

Step 8 –  Luxury handbag

    • The leather is without blemish
    • The hardware is top quality
    • The cutting, stitching and interior is first class

To be classed as a luxury item, the handbag must be impeccable as far as materials and workmanship are concerned.

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