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Come & Shop® is an Australian online business focussing on fashion accessories that include luxury designer handbags, quality sterling silver jewellery, and world class perfumes.

Complementing are social media sites – Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The names Come & Shop, and Bella Charis bc are both officially trademarked. This confirms that the formal recognition process is now completed.

Luxury represents exclusivity. To qualify, a luxury item must first of all be impeccable in regard to the materials from which it is made and the workmanship devoted to its manufacture. This is an absolute minimum requirement, no ifs or buts. More than that, the item must also be unique compared with its competitors.

Bella Charis bc® genuine leather handbags easily meet the two criteria for luxury:

  • The hide comes from cows and calves brought up on controlled pasture so that the hide is blemish free.
  • The hides are converted into leather in a tannery located in the Leather District situated between Florence and Pisa in Tuscany, Italy. The leather is truly genuine Italian leather.
  • The finished leather is eco-friendly and RHOS compliant as no dangerous chemicals are used in the vegetable tanning process.
  • The handbag hardware is made to the highest standards.
  • The bags are made to perfection in Gaungzhou by artisans who have lived as artisan families in China for generations.
  • Each Bella Charis handbag is made and labelled with the Bella Charis name - metal logo, card, leather tag sewn into the inside of the bag, and on the dust bag.

Bella Charis handbags are truly luxury bags made to the same exacting standards as our manufacturer applies to the other well-known international brands it makes for other clients.

As Bella Charis handbags have recently started their journey of recognition as a luxury brand, Come & Shop recognizes that Bella Charis handbags are not yet as expensive as some of the other well-known brands serviced by the same manufacturer.





On that basis Bella Charis and Come & Shop can truly say, “Buy a luxury genuine Bella Charis leather handbag now and Save $$s”.

Feel free to contact us via our website or on social media, if you have any questions or views. We will respond to your query as quickly as we can.


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