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PROTECT YOUR VALUABLE REAL LEATHER HANDBAG - keep it clean and fresh, and make it last longer

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When you first receive your genuine leather handbag you will notice, that if it is a Bella Charis bc® bag, one of the swing tags (the one marked bc) contains some tips about basic maintenance and care.

Periodically empty the contents of the bag to clear the lined storage areas of all debris. The reason for doing this is to prevent accumulated dirt and materials from making their way into the lining itself and so causing the lining look soiled and tired.

Liquids leaking from cosmetic care equipment, soft drink bottles, and the like may or may not stain the lining - but they can transfer dissolved dirt etc into the fibres of the lining. Once the liquids dry out, the stained effect can be difficult to remove.

In the eyes of bag lovers the main purpose of adopting a regular cleaning regime is to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for your bag. It is believed that meticulous attention to cleanliness leads to a safer and more long lasting accessory item.

Remember that most genuine leather handbags are treated to prevent liquids from soaking into the leather surface. However great care should still be taken to prevent liquids, particularly organic liquids, from making contact with the treated leather. Organic based liquids such as those having an alcohol base can cause staining because they can dissolve your bag's protective coating thus leaving a stain that is extremely difficult to remove. Be careful to keep leaking biros away from the leather surface.

If your handbag is made of untreated leather, such as is the case for a suede bag, be advised to have the surface sprayed with a protective coating.

Body oils can be a major problem for your handbag handles. The bag handles/straps can darken over time due to body perspiration and hand lotion soaking into the bag handles. One way of minimizing the effect of handles gradually darkening over the course of time is to carry the bag on your arm or shoulder.

While it is possible for an expert restorer to clean or even replace a bag handle or strap, it is best for you to take measures that as far as possible avoid the problem from arising in the first place.

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