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Your precious handbag may have been your wonderful companion for many years.You have treasured it and cared for it all that time. But it has now has reached the stage where it is in need of a full scale clean and restoration.

While few in number, there are businesses that actually exist with the sole purpose of restoring handbags to their original glory.

Your handbag may be well worth such special attention:

  • you have owned the bag for many years and both the leather and lining need a total makeover. In this case you will need to send your bag to a specialized bag restoration service such as They are located in Melbourne and upon receipt of your bag will advise you as to what needs to be done to bring it back to life.
  • The handles are heavily darkened. These can be replaced.
  • Stitching has been damaged. This can be rectified.
  • Metal hardware including zipware is damaged. This too can be replaced.
  • Scuffing, scratches and tears. These problems can be addressed to a degree.
  • Colour restoration. This is a common problem amongst aged bags, but wonders can be achieved.
  • There are many other possible problems that handbag owners can ask about.

It is wise to ring My Bag Spa prior to sending your precious handbag for servicing. The experts will tell you what needs to be done and answer such questions as, "How long will it take to proceed and finish with the make-over?" and "What is the estimated cost to have my bag a refurbished?"

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