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The question is a relatively easy one to answer.

 In  a nutshell, it can be said that a couture handbag has the following features:

  • it is 'high class'
  • The handbag is made from genuine Italian leather. This real leather must be sourced from the 'Leather District' located between Pisa and Florence in Tuscany, Italy. The leather is known by the trademark name, "Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana" (Vegetable Tanned Leather of Tuscany).
  • The design is artistically pleasing and the handbag is entirely functional
  • The manufacture of the handbag meets the following specifications:
    • the leather is without blemish
    • the design templates ensure that each bag of the same type is exactly the same throughout its production run
    • the stitching is faultless
    • the hardware complements the overall handbag design and is attractive, functional, precision made and long lasting
    • tags for guarantee purposes, brand identification, and handbag care are included
    • a quality brand logo is included
    • an embossed leather tag with brand name is stitched to the bag interior
  • the handbag is made to the highest possible standard being virtually perfect in design and manufacture. It will look impeccable
  • the real leather handbag will have a very long life span and after many years of satisfactory use, it will be able to be restored by a qualified restorer virtually to its original condition

Collectively the following blogs on the Come & Shop website cover all the features mentioned in the above summary.

  • The making of a luxury handbag
  • How to identify a genuine Bella Charis Handbag
  • Would you love to have a luxury leather handbag?
  • Be part of the Bella Charis experience
  • On the 'Handbags' page, "Bella Charis bc® the beauty and charm of owning a handbag made of 100% genuine Italian leather
  • The free eBook  "Handbags for Smart People" referred to on the home page of this website gives a comprehensive coverage of many handbag topics.

Knowing the locations where luxury handbags are made has been a much more difficult challenge. These days however, the general trend is reasonably well known and well understood. In our next blog, we will deal with that most interesting question.

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