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Darwin has recently had an attack of mould because of continuous humid weather. This is not uncommon in the tropical areas of Australia.

Mould can strike in unpredictable ways and places. In the more temperate zones of Australia 'wet' areas such as bathrooms and laundries can also suffer from attacks of mould.

So how can you protect your genuine leather handbag from such attacks?

The solution is simple. Always store your bag in a cool dry place with good air circulation. Moulds don't gain a hold if the water vapour reading is low. Dry air means a low humidity reading, and so no mould.

Despite all your best efforts, particularly if you live in one of the areas of Australia with a more humid climate, your handbag just might happen to get some mould on it. If this occurs scrub the leather with a soft cloth and then apply a cleanser and conditioner designed specifically for leather goods.

If there are white patches on the inside of the handbag, brush the surface clean with a soft brush and then wipe over with a soft cloth.

After treatment you can air your bag in low sunlight for a brief airing period.Then when you store your bag make sure it is in a clean dry place with with good air circulation - certainly not in either a cellar or roof space/attic.

For more serious mould problems consult with - they can be a great help in this regard.

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