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You may have a collection of handbags - valuable and treasured.

If so, you may well have a bag to suit the many occasions that you attend whether it be in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Or you may have bags to suit the various colour outfits you have in your robe.

Perhaps a handbag to take with you when you go shopping in the major stores in the city.

A bag which you take to your workplace day by day.

A bag that is your companion while you watch an exciting sporting event.

A bag for that special occasion at a restaurant that serves top class cuisine.

Or yet again a bag you take as you make your way to a friend's wedding.

All these handbags are valuable and important to you as you go about your life - visiting new places, meeting new people some of whom will become your friends, as well as seeing old friends and acquaintances.

Come & Shop have a range of real leather handbags for all occasions.

Do you have a story to tell?

How many bags do you have?

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