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How is hand-woven leather for handbags made?

To make quality handwoven leather requires first class skills and in particular great attention to cutting and weaving accuracy.

Any cutting mistakes can turn out to be expensive disasters, more so if the leather is genuine Italian leather made in Tuscany the centre or the worlds best leather. The essential technique is to select a leather piece sufficiently large to make the body of a handbag. The component pieces are first cut to a predetermined length and then alternate strips are removed to create two sets of strips. Each strip in one set is then hand woven into the first set to create a finished piece sufficient to make the handbag.

More about the finished product, often referred to as intracciata weave can be found in:

  • Wikipedia - general description
  • htp:// - photos of the process along with a description of how to hand weave the leather are provided.

You need to take care when choosing a woven leather bag -

  • in some countries, faux leather can be advertised as 'leather' when in fact it isn't. To do so in other countries such as New Zealand is not allowed - it is considered false advertising and any infraction can be penalized
  • some bags advertised as handwoven leather may only be partially handwoven leather
  • a bag advertised as woven leather may use an inferior product such as split leather, but this information is not necessarily made known to the purchaser.

Sheepskin leather -

Leather made from sheepskin is softer and more pliable than leather made from cowhide. Hand-woven sheepskin made in the famous Tuscany tanneries gives rise to an immensely supple weave highly suited to making beautifully luxurious handbags.

Best wishes in your future purchasing adventures.

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