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Come & Shop®

has worked hard and long to prepare for the introduction of Bella Charis bc® as the designer handbag brand of the future.

Bella Charis is already creating its own character and personality as a luxury label of the future with interest and demand exceeding all expectations.

Bella Charis real leather handbags, purses, and wallets are of outstanding design and quality. Come & Shop® is proud to be associated with the range on offer and the regular updates.

Whereas one could only dream of beauty and charm as theirs to have and to hold, the reality is that anyone can reach for and achieve that goal.

Bella (beauty) Charis (charm) epitomizes beauty and charm by bringing together Genuine Italian Leather produced in Tuscany, and a highly talented group of people based in China to create high class set of fashion real leather handbags, purses and wallets. Our manufacturer also makes quality handbags for many other well known and respected fashion brands. This means that Bella Charis handbags are made to the same exacting standards of perfection as well-known fashion brands. (Refer Blog "Where are luxury handbags made? The rise of China.")

Genuine Italian Leather

The finest calf skin leather and top cow hide leather comes from Tuscany, Italy. where generations of tanneries located between Florence and Pisa have collaborated to produce the world’s best quality leather. The region is famously known as the ‘Leather District’.

The elite tannery artisans have banded together to form the Consortium known by its trademark name “Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana” (Vegetable-Tanned Leather of Tuscany). In particular, the leather is RHOS compliant, which means that dangerous substances are not used in the tanning process. In other words the vegetable tanning process is completely safe.

Perfect Craftsmanship

The team of craftsmen (and women) assembled in the Guangzhou factory in China are amongst the best that can be found anywhere in the world. The region is famous for its leather manufacturing industry and the extensive range of beautifully formed leather products. Chinese craftsmanship is world renowned for excellence over many centuries. (Refer Blog "Where are luxury handbags made? The rise of China.")

Each piece of a 'Bella Charis' genuine leather handbag is accurately cut using carefully prepared paper moulds.

The highly skilled team of machinists carefully stitch the segments together eventually forming a gorgeous handbag, purse or wallet. The finished product is a work of art, like it is for all handbags made by our manufacturer for its many other couture clients.

Exquisite Hardware

All hardware components are professionally designed and made.

There are three classes of metalware. These come in  gold, silver and brass colours.

All items are lovingly prepared and skilfully blended into each and every one of the luxury items produced.

Nothing is ever left to chance when it comes to putting together the pieces of the jigsaw to form the stunning collection of 'Bella Charis' fashion handbags, purses and wallets.

More to come

With every handbag and purse you will receive a specially made handbag hanger courtesy of Come & Shop. This will allow you to hang your accessory off a table or bench. The floor is not the place to leave your luxury handbag.

Reward points to collect for your purchases

For every $60 of goods purchased earn 1 point. When you reach 8 points you can apply for and receive a Silver 925 necklace* with pendant to the value of $120.00, and delivery will be free.

*925 Silver is the classic ‘mix’ of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. This alloy is commonly known as Sterling Silver

Come & Shop at the store that gives you great value for money and the best possible customer service.

We look forward to seeing your in the future on where you will receive service that is outstanding in all respects.

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