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Bella Charis bc® - beauty and charm for you.

Keeping your newly acquired Bella Charis real leather handbag in first class condition is not in the least bit difficult when you know what to do.

There are two main options:

  • Perform the essential maintenance yourself, or
  • Pay a specialist 'bag cleaning' service to do the maintenance and any repair/s for you leaving you to deal with the day to day care requirements


Your genuine leather handbag is an elegant and fashionable accessory for your wardrobe.

Over time its beauty and presence can be dulled by scuffing and contact with surrounding objects and surfaces.

With proper handling your handbag can look great and last a long time:

  • Avoid placing your handbag on the floor. 
  • Use a handbag hanger which fits easily over the edge of a table or bench and will hold your accessory (handbag, jacket, scarf, umbrella) off the floor thus helping to keep it clean, or hang it over the back of a chair.
  • Avoid placing your real leather handbag in direct sunlight or in front of a heater for an extended period as this may cause the leather to dry out, fade and/or crack.
  • Avoid dye transferring from clothes to your handbag. New denim is one of the most common offenders.
  • Avoid contact with body oils and oils generally (eg buttered popcorn).
  • Avoid placing your handbag on a kitchen bench or table where raw food is processed. This is sensible 'handbag hygiene' practice.
  • Avoid contact with water or excess moisture.
  • Avoid sponging with an artificial sponge as the dye may rub off the sponge.
  • Never use baby or hand wipes to clean your handbag as the alkali in the wipe may damage the leather.


  • Always store your real leather handbag, purse or other accessory in a dark, cool and dry space. Never store in a 'wet' area such as a bathroom or laundry.
  • Avoid storing in a plastic bag, Instead use the breathable fabric dust bag in which your bag arrived - even a clean white pillowcase will suffice.
  • Avoid contact with other items to prevent any dye transfer
  • If possible, hang your genuine leather handbag on a rack in its breathable fabric dust bag such as the one in which DHL delivered your handbag.
  • Provide good air circulation so allowing what was once a living hide to breathe.

Maintenance and care

While always recommending the services of a cleaning specialist to clean your bag, there are some general steps to follow should you wish to spruce up your precious accessory:

  • Empty all contents.
  • Unzip all internal and external pockets, tip the bag upside down, and shake it to dislodge all loose items and other debris.
  • For anything other than untreated leather -
    • Have available a clean soft cleaning cloth, warm distilled water (ordinary tap water contains chemicals which settle on the surface of the bag when the water evaporates), a few drops of liquid soap (neutral pH), and a dry clean white towel. Note that reservoir tap water also contains chlorine which can act as a bleach.
    • Wipe the leather with the now damp cleaning cloth.
    • Dry the surface with the towel and buff the surface gently to restore some lustre.
  • For untreated leather, such a suede, the above process should not be used.
  • For buckles and metallic attachments never use anything abrasive to polish the surface, instead rub lightly with the damp cleaning cloth.
  • If you have purchased a recommended proprietary product to waterproof and otherwise protect the leather surface, treat the leather surface as directed.

Recommended bag cleaning service

Come & Shop and 'Bella Charis' recommend “My Bag Spa” who provide handbag cleaning and restoration services in Melbourne. My Bag Spa specializes in restoring bags from luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Bella Charis.

Specific services include:

  • cleaning and stain removal
  • colour restoration
  • shine restoration
  • premium level treatment resulting in a silky smooth outcome

They can be contacted by phone on - (03)9654 1148 or (03) 9654 1189.

For further information click on

Do you have any extra tips for caring for valuable leather handbags?

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