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In the midst of icy cold weather and chilling stormy conditions, New York has just finished a week of Autumn-Winter Fashion Shows. The warmth of the fashion events more than balanced the heavy snowdrifts outside.

As for the colour theme of the shows, 'The Australian' newspaper describes it as "New York warms to paler shades of grey". Grey, white and black tones mixed with trends that cover brightly matching colours, leathers, metallics and tartan.


Accessories to complement the outfits shown on the Brooklyn catwalks can be found at Come & Shop.

The colour of our range of Sterling Silver rings, bracelets and earrings naturally merge in with the choice of fashion trends on display.

Bella Charis offers a diversity of handbag styles and colours that when carefully chosen by you will add subtlety and distinction to your overall presentation.

The New York Fashion period is now over and the fashion circuit continues with upcoming shows in London, Milan and Paris.

What plans do you have for this Autumn-Winter shopping? Are shades of grey appealing?

Au revoir

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