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Our two brands Come & Shop® and Bella Charis bc® are now officially trademarked brands. The normal waiting period for approval of ownership of intellectual property such as Come & Shop and bc is close to 12 months.

Our plan is to make Bella Charis bc an Australian standout as far as handbags fashion is concerned.

The bc presence shows up on our website and related social media sites with bags carrying the Bella Charis logo and tag.

Those of you who have been following Come & Shop since its launch in late 2013 will know that we have a presence in the upper level of the fashion accessory market.

  • Sterling Silver Jewellery that attracts and inspires
  • Bella Charis handbags that like most fashion bags these days, is made from leather sourced from tanneries located in Tuscany Italy, includes hardware of the highest quality, and is then made by highly qualified and experienced artisans in China
  • a range of perfumes coming from the best known perfumeries of Europe and USA

You can find out much more about our ranges of fashion accessories by browsing through the many blogs that have been produced by Come & Shop.

Our website and our social media entries regularly report on the latest releases from our fashion accessory suppliers.

Do you know what Bella Charis means? Bella means 'beauty' - your beauty and Charis means 'charm' - your charm.

Your beauty and charm are paramount.

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