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Some people have a nose for picking up a scent. Many simply don't.

Whatever a human 'nose' might be, it can't match that of some creatures particularly hunting animals.

Mankind has put the natural 'skill' of domesticated animals to advantage by using trained dogs to detect drugs and plants in airports, tracking people lost in the bush or the mountains, and tracking down escapees.

Humans are not able to compete with dogs in recognizing a wide range and lower concentrations of odours. However they possess the intellectual powers to be able to create odours such as perfumes, by combining scented ingredients in such a way as to produce a highly desirable product.

Likewise top chefs are able to skillfully combine ingredients in a manner which results in a top quality recipe. The product not only tastes wonderful but has a fragrance that captures the mind. Great Winemakers are in the same bracket as the best perfume makers and if their product wins gold the recognition is not just for taste but also for nose.

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