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Yes, it is true every face has a nose, but what I am talking to you about is a small band of experts who can sniff out and make the best of perfumes.

Noses in the perfume industry are few and far between. They have the powers of scent detection and assessment together with the ability to mix ingredients to produce a fragrance that brings pleasure and joy to thousands of people.

Noses are still employed in large scent conglomerates, continually designing and developing perfumes that meet the brief given to them by perfume retailers.

A few luxury Fashion Houses such as Hermes and Christian Dior still employ their own Noses to make their special high quality, high cost perfumes.

On the other hand the large scale laboratories such as Givandau Roure in Switzerland, International Flavours and Fragrances in New York, Quest International in England, and Haarman and Reimer both in Germany, produce perfumes in bulk for the middle market where most of the demand is located.

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