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From time to time check your items for wear and breakages, and then clean them with warm water with a small amount of liquid soap added.

Wear them as much as you can because the gentle friction and release of body oils will keep them bright and untarnished and beautiful.

Take them off when applying moisturizers, creams and the like and when doing household chores and exercise in general.

Avoid tarnishing by preventing contact with sulphur in the form of sulphides present in minute amounts in the air. Nor allow your items to make contact with chlorine (found in bleaching liquids).

Avoid scratching the surface by never rubbing silver with an abrasive cloth or cleaner.

In the event that tarnishing is well advanced, you will need to purchase a cream or liquid silver polish. Follow the instructions carefully and if you are not wearing the item afterwards, place the item in storage according to the method described in this article.

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