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Spoil yourself with a luxury Bella Charis Handbag made to perfection from 100% genuine Italian leather

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Discover the secret - the highest quality leather handbags by Bella Charis bc® are made of 100% Italian leather from the same manufacturer who makes bags for some of the finest brands in the world - when it comes to elegance and luxury - we keep the best of company

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Bella Charis bc® – the beauty and charm of owning a handbag made of 100% genuine Italian leather 

Our handbags online are made of 100% genuine Italian leather by expert designers and skilled artisans. Our manufacturing company also makes Bella Charis leather handbags to the same level of perfection as it does for the many well known fashion houses that it supplies.

There is nothing like the feel of a genuine leather handbag. It is a sensory experience - beautiful to touch, beautiful to look at, and it is wonderful to pick up the delicate aroma of natural leather.

Genuine Italian leather is reserved for luxury designer handbags, shoes, leather jackets, upholstery for high class furniture, and for high end motor vehicles such as Ferraris and Alfa Romeos. The couture market for luxury leather products is insatiable and Italian tanneries are at the forefront of the leather manufacturing sector of the global market. Italian leather is the world's best leather.

Genuine Italian leather comes from top quality calf skin and cow hide that is transformed into the finest of leather by Italian based tanneries located in the “Leather District” between Pisa and Florence in Tuscany in Italy.

Production of the leather is eco-friendly and is RHOS compliant - meaning that no dangerous chemicals have been used in the tanning process. The utmost care and attention has gone into the tanning process. The tanning artisans fully understand and appreciate that real leather is alive, it breathes and it is precious.

Like many other well-known brands, our leather handbags are made, using this top quality leather, by highly skilled craftsmen and women located in Guangzhou in the 'Leather Centre’ of China and which has been renowned over the ages for their proficiency and expertise. They follow the fine tradition of skill and excellence that extends back many generations. This city now dominates as a global centre for the design and manufacture of the world's finest quality designer handbags, purses and wallets. (For verification refer Blog "Where are luxury handbags made? The rise of China.") The economic upsurge of China has had a profound effect on the shift in balance of manufacturing from within Europe and North America to the Asian region.

The finished leather bags are most carefully and professionally packed and forwarded by DHL Express, directly to you.

That is why the beautiful and elegant Bella Charis range of leather handbags presently exclusive to Come & Shop are so special. Compared with other quality brands produced by our manufacturer, Bella Charis luxury bags, although made to exactly the same level of perfection, are by no means overly expensive.

Bring a touch of leather to your life with one of our exceptional leather handbags

Purchase your leather handbag online and all the effort and energy you have spent most carefully choosing your special handbag made from genuine Italian leather by expert designers and skilled artisans, will be forgotten the moment the DHL parcel with your new luxury handbag arrives at your door, and you begin to open up its contents.

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