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Find the perfume that is just right for you

Finding the perfume/fragrance/scent that is just right for you can be difficult. It has been said that finding the right perfume is just about as difficult as finding the right partner!

You may well ask what the difference is between a fragrance, a perfume and a scent. Essentially they mean the same thing – it depends where you live. In US fragrance is most common, in UK the word scent is commonly used, and in France it is Parfum. In Australia all terms are used.

When selecting a perfume we always wish to find one that we can really enjoy. We wear fragrances to help us feel good about ourselves and others. Psychologists are increasingly confirming that perfume affects our mood – different scents can be matched to different moods.

The best thing about fragrances are that they are completely subjective. Each person’s nose is different. This means that finding a new perfume is like a constant treasure hunt. That is why no scent should be ruled out.

While Come & Shop cannot offer samples it never hurts when offered one in a large department store to take the opportunity – see how long it sits on your skin, see how your nose reacts to it, and whether it is something you may enjoy. Cardboard strips can’t really help you.

Check out what your friends enjoy – they can tell you more about what they use and what it costs.

Look for smells that appeal to you – citrus, musk, woody, etc.

Understand the difference between the fragrance families – use the fragrance chart. in our perfume blog.

Like most good things it takes some effort to find the fragrance that is just right for you.

Men’s perfumes tend to be in the eau de toilette and eau de parfum ranges while women’s fragrances tend to be spread across the higher ranges of concentrations -

For more information about fragrances and the fragrance chart see our blog -'Finding the right FRAGRANCE / PERFUME for you'

Come & Shop has a wide range of alluring fragrances/perfumes/scents from many of the most popular brands, which gives you the opportunity to purchase the one just right for you.

All your effort in find the perfume just right for you will be forgotten when you receive and start using he special perfume you have chosen for yourself.

Jan & Dean