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Invest in Sterling Silver jewellery and enjoy it for years to come

Purchasing Sterling Silver Jewellery is an investment. Silver has been around for ages and has always been seen as precious.

When you buy Sterling Silver jewellery, rather than fashion or costume jewellery, it will undoubtedly last much longer. Sterling Silver jewellery is something you can enjoy for many years. It is often handed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom. With proper care it will always look beautiful and because of its classic appeal you won’t necessarily feel the need to get new pieces each year because fashions have changed.

Some may hesitate to give costume jewellery as a gift, but when Sterling Silver jewellery is chosen you can always be sure that the recipient will appreciate the quality and beauty as well as its universal appeal.

When you spend a little more, and shop from our Come & Shop Sterling Silver collection, your Sterling Silver jewellery may even increase in value. Sterling Silver will always have a cash value and it is forecast that the price of sterling silver is likely to continue to rise in the next few years as it has done over the last decade.

But beware when buying Sterling Silver jewellery. It should be hallmarked either SS or 925. Unfortunately there is a lot of jewellery coming out of places such as China which is advertised as silver, it may even be marked 925 or SS, but it isn’t. The advice being given, say on eBay blogs for instance, is that if it looks too cheap it most probably is, and it definitely isn’t actually Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver is often combined with gemstones (real and created) in the design of jewellery. Garnet, citrine, turquoise, black onyx and peridot feature in the Come & Shop product range, as well as Cubic Zirconia which comes in a range of colours and is chosen by many as an attractive substitute for the much more expensive diamond.

It is commonly believed that gemstones have healing properties and this is the reason they have been used all over the world as far as back as the stone-age. The jewellery is not only beautiful but considered by many to be therapeutic as well.

Have you ever wondered why certain jewellery looks great on some people but does not look anywhere near as good on others. Often it is because of the shape of their face. Just as when buying clothing it is important to take into account body shape, when buying jewellery it is important to consider the shape of your face. When this is done the chosen jewellery will accent and highlight your best features. See our blog (coming soon) which explores this aspect in more detail.

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